Risk Management

Generally, there are only two ways to handle risk: avoid risk when you can; or use insurance when you can’t, particularly if the peril would be catastrophic to your family. Since CWC focuses on employee benefits first, we will explore what you may have available through your employer before we recommend any course of action. If you are carrying duplicate coverages that do not add value, we will bring this to your attention. If there is a coverage you need and your employer does not provide it, we will assist you in finding the appropriate coverage from a private source.


photo copyright Mary Warren. Diamond in You, a sculpture by Tatsuo Miyajima, is located in the Chicago headquarters of Morningstar Investments.


Catt Wealth Consulting clients are smart people who understand it is wise to engage a guide when entering the ticker tape jungle. CWC does not impose a minimum fee or account size. Most of our clients are referred by other clients. Whether you are a governmental employee trying to sort through the arcane minutiae of statutory benefits, someone working for a private employer without a user-friendly benefits function, or a socially conscious person looking for investments to match your values, we can help.

We are licensed to work on a fee-for-service, hourly, or commission basis. Talk truly is cheap, because the initial one-hour consultation is free.
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